Citrine Crystal for attracting abundance 3
I’ll come clean. I’ve got a crystal addiction. NO! Not the illegal one. The lovely, yet at times, extremely expensive one. I love my healing crystals. I collect them and it can be said…obsess over them. If you haven’t yet discovered these precious gems, let me enlighten you. Basically the […]

Crystals – Little pieces of God right here…

Visualization Mastery
I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who I truly consider a spiritual guru. He was having a good old laugh at some of our human foibles. One of things we discussed was the topic of visualization. Joss remarked that he felt it easy to show newcomers […]

Visualization Mastery – Are You Missing A Crucial Step?

Sick of all the doom and gloom about 2012 End of World Prophecies? We know we are! So to help raise the vibration of our beautiful planet Earth, we are holding a Wonderful World Competition. To enter all you need to do is tell us in 1 sentence what inspires […]

Wonderful World Competition

Today's Affirmations
Blessings follow me wherever I go. In all things, I am blessed and I make it a point to take notice of all the good in my life. Even if I experience challenging events, I always remember how blessed I am. I always have plenty of whatever I need. And […]

Today’s Affirmation – Blessings

does integrity matter anymore?
Do you think integrity matters? I think it is enormously important, but maybe not for the usual reasons bandied about. Integrity is a black and white subject. And it is a very personal one. Integrity is the word that we keep with ourself. I don’t fully understand why, but the […]

Personal Integrity – Does it matter?